#4: Grain Is Good - Lightroom Preset

  • Inspired to try and get into film photography? Can’t afford to develop film at the moment? Interested in having one retro/vintage look for you feed?


    Welcome!  We’ve got your back.


    Our "Shoot Film" presets are created specifically for Instagram gurus, blogging influencers, or avid film enthusiasts at heart who want to elevate their digital feed, blog, or personal gallery to resemble film photography!


    ~*~ Each preset file will happily collaborate via Lightroom Desktop AND Lightroom CC Mobile App.~*~


    Purchasing the “Grain Is Good” preset will allow you unlimited access to BOTH files for Desktop AND Mobile use! This presets pulls (pun-intended) inspiration from a popular well-known film available to shoot with in today's film world. We’ve used that inspiration as well as our own unique style for each individual preset. Now you too have authentic, film-like photos at your fingertips!